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The Spiral’s Quest

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There was once a time when all that is wasn’t. In fact nothing had yet become. A time that did not move forward, for it was still and calm, like a frozen lake.

Within this dormant instance, there was a spiral. Now this spiral, being only a few seconds old makes nothing of this occurrence. Small and insignificant, It simply swam in colors and slept under patterns, almost non existent. It drifted along until suddenly it grew restless and anxious. Something else was there and it felt like it was being watched, somehow the spiral felt exposed and frightened. “Who’s there?” Spiral exclaimed, “What do you want?”

No one answered the frightened spiral’s questions, and so it went off  terrified and confused indeed. It went and went until it could go no more. setting itself in motion.

Tired and hungry the spiral drifted off to sleep its motion continuous now. When Spiral awoke, there was no memory of the fright it had experienced at the idea of an Other. Instead, it was filled with the strangest feeling of loneliness.

“Maybe, there really was something out there”, thought Spiral. “Maybe I could find the seer and see it myself”.
Hurriedly, the spiral set out searching for that which was watching it. It searched and searched and searched until soon enough, it came across a deep chasm. As it peered over, it felt a presence and was intrigued.
“HELLO!” it called out “IS THERE ANYONE THERE?”.

Something stirred beyond the vast emptiness; a large shape emerged from the darkness across the chasm. Large amber eyes stared back at the frightened spiral.
The spiral, nameless as all things were at that time, was in awe at the shape before it. It was large and old, and seemed very lonely.

I see you! can it be?what are you doing there? Asked the giant shape, surprised at seeing, and being seen by an other.

The little spiral was confused: “this is where I am!” it responded strongly, conviction resonating in its voice.

“Yes, you are here now.” the shape answered hope and tears brimming in her eyes, “Welcome! My name is Om; I Am and have always Been.”

“your name?” Asked the spiral, “What’s that?”

“A name”, replied Om. “Is a word that creates Form and order from disorder and abstraction, a word that sets things in motion. It is a symbol made just for you; an Order, an Idea and a Sound, to resonate within you and bring being forth”.
“You will be named Ab” she benevolently bowed her head and spoke the words:  “Ab I grant you this gift with all my love, and hope you will not resent me for it.”

Ab the spiral felt a tremendous surge ripple through it. It was reveling in the process. It thought and thought, “Ab”? It wondered, “what am I? What is Form and what is Order and what does it all mean? ecstatically the spiral began to reverberate and to progress, its center began to swirl and swell as the ideas took root, each concept and set of things separating from the core forcing the spiral to spin its self outward- Being, Form, Order, Love, Resentment; things that were not things but were. Undeniable things that just led to the occurrence of other undeniable things- Non-being, Abstraction, Chaos, Hate and Acceptance. Ab the spiral began to grow further, understanding the process which had begun; it understood that things come in pairs, each it’s own but somehow it’s other as well! Ab understood that he was always meant to meet Om and grow around her as she slowly shrunk and dissipated.
Shocked at the realization Ab beheld Om lovingly and accepted their duality and inseparability, reaching over the void to embrace her.

At Ab’s touch Om let her breath out in a tremendous shuddering sigh and whispered tiredly, a deadly exhaustion settling in her voice: “Soon you will envelope me and I will recede, and hold you still as you expand. I imagine you will have some work to do, naming  the forms which are beginning to coalesce with in you. It is difficult and I have been working a long time and am no where near finished”

“Yes!” Answered Ab, “Will you help? You already named so many things! what are they? I cannot put my finger on it! I feel their form burning within me and cannot deny their being but what does it mean?”

“Yes, I will help you and pass along all that I have done”, replied the large shape. A bright and luminous surge burst out of Om and passed into Ab. Ab shuddered and began to glow a starry blue, Om turned a shade darker, the glow in her eyes dissipating. “I have named you, and will prepare you for what is coming. You asked me what it means and I say to you only when all has been named will the meaning be clear!

“Form you have found in me, and can see in yourself” each new form will create more forms and these forms will create more. She paused and set an ancient smiling extinguished eye, on Ab then continued to speak: “Your Being is my opposite, although we are reflections of the same force, you will grow and I will fade. I will return when you begin to fade as you returned to me. The forms must remain.” These last words rung true, as Om faded to nothing her being replaced. In his grief Ab spun a frenzied spin, and reached towards the void searching for his reflection. A warm burst of loss caused a stream to flow.

Thus did the frozen lake begin to thaw; as things gained their names, their presence created Form. Their Form created Force, and Force brought things together and then pulled them apart in a graceful dance.

Ab loved to watch as things began to coalesce into bright points of light and dark points of darkness, though soon it grew bored, and realized that there were a few question left unanswered.

“What is happening? what was the point of all this?”

“Why am I here?” Ab wondered. “My name gave me Form and Order, and with it the rest was named, but what am I doing here”?

Thus did Ab put pieces of himself into the smallest spirals which were made of smaller spirals, and yet even smaller spirals, and gave them eyes just like its own. So he could See and Witness from all angles, to see what seeing was, to find Meaning, and call it by its one true name. They needed names and eventually knew, the had to start the whole process again, the more eyes to see the more things would be named. soon enough all would be named, and Ab would meet Om; finally singular again.
But Ab stared at his creation and beheld a true sight, being must be there is no respite.
Alas! there is no respite.


Author: pisceanist

Hi, My name is Fouad, I was born in San Diego CA in 1986 and currently live in Hamburg, Germany. I love to read and play video games, and am a great fan of post-rock music and Tool. I am currently working my way to an MA in Creative writing and also teach English as a Second Language to get by. Have been writing for quite some time, and thought It was time I stopped hoarding my strange digressions and shared them with fellow writers and readers in order to get more honest feedback, Enjoy!

One thought on “The Spiral’s Quest

  1. One of the best I’ve read so far

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