Today I chose to be a writer

Tomorrow I think I'll Be a Fisherman

An Ode to Freedom (Circa 2006)


Here, an ode to all of our dear knowledge
Learn – Enhance. Become – Release
Soak it all up, run it in circles
Elaborate – Categorize
Primal fear of unease – self-Consciousness
Oh dissipate harmony
Create attachments and routine
Mass is a mere collage – Random
Repeat – Repeat, in a perpetual loop
Ignore – Ignore
A civilization of cowards
Hide away in our hives, awful creatures
We are doomed to seek and seek we shall
Fucking Nazis, Fascist bastards SEEK and DESTROY
(The soul) Symbiosis is a relationship of mutual dependence and positive benefits
Infatuated with the neurotic self, an addict to polypeptide amino acids
Chemical dependence to sadness, regret and shame
Dependence to love, drama and other introverted nonsense
Ah… Here I lie ever so eager to get some sleep, but to no avail
They are after me, grabbing my hair and limbs
Pulling in all five directions
Savage beast of a world, how can naivety prevail?
Songs of innocence and experience indeed…
Its okay, quiet the soul with petroleum and its derivatives.
Who needs a song when all is seen through a murky haze?
Life obscured by insane soot ejected from the exhaust of such biological machines

Infested Infected Inflicted
How dark of a land this is, so dark there exists no comfort, no steadfast.
Only zombies, dreamless drones incarcerated within minds wiped clean of humanity
Mechanical nightmares of gears and clockwork
Of desperation and loss of coherent thought
Violence, unease and betrayal
This is Freedom, liberty and opportunity
This is capitalism and imperialism
This is the annexed land of God
This is our DOMINION


Author: pisceanist

Hi, My name is Fouad, I was born in San Diego CA in 1986 and currently live in Hamburg, Germany. I love to read and play video games, and am a great fan of post-rock music and Tool. I am currently working my way to an MA in Creative writing and also teach English as a Second Language to get by. Have been writing for quite some time, and thought It was time I stopped hoarding my strange digressions and shared them with fellow writers and readers in order to get more honest feedback, Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “An Ode to Freedom (Circa 2006)

  1. I love this! Thank you for sharing!

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