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A Plea to Man


In a moment of scientific spirituality
An atom vibrates internally
At holy frequencies
Which resonate prophecies
Conceived within a massive star of monolithic significances
Born in inconceivable explosions of dire consequences.

Energy condensed by gravity, creates matter
A supernova provokes the latter
A center within everything
While this macabre dance is progressing

Now this is a beautiful occasion,
Which must be observed
Possibilities materialize and the wave collapses
This IS consciousness

Here is the diligent observer
We, its bread and butter
Eyes that see, ears that hear
A central nervous system that reaches out and up to the stars our fathers
through magnetic bursts of synaptic activity that compel us to labor.

Once the observer has witnessed this process,
It consequentially observes itself through the crosshairs
to find an ugly truth.
It is alone, and cannot see its self
So the division must begin
Devour to survive it is
So it has always been
So that consciousness can experience
Itself prevailing and existing
One is one who becomes two to perceive three in order to transcend five,
The spiral is eternally alive

Presently we have forgotten this ultimate truth
We have squandered our ability to reconnect our roots,
infatuated by disunion, now we are truly lonely.
Surrounded by matter, with no regard to its comely anti-particle
Although this ultimate truth is in fact pure,
Collective Consciousness has no cure
We are ONE, all that is, is entangled with everything else that is

Singularity is the grand shape shifter of constant possibility
Tiny elements that connect and create, we vibrate internally
We shine, we breed and we die
to leave behind our stardust it seems
For those who still Are to Loom and weave
We are stars and we are atoms indeed

It is disorder! Indivisible consciousness.
Do not flee in craven cowardice!
Pry your third eye open
Embrace the bright illumination.


In our apprehension we tend to complicate matters by necessitating
a persistent being endowed with divine intention propagating
faith to personification and objectivity
And life without fornication or undulation
An unadulterated birth, a fixed constant
Or a charismatic Bedouin;

One is one who becomes two to perceive three in order to transcend five
The cycle is continuously recurring

Opiates for the masses
Can be a cause for massacres
Fill the void within with greed
And Kill for your need of creed.
The rift that is division,
Causes awful territorialism
Man or Currency is matter indeed
It is not even a question of need

Release the energy that has created and use it to destroy
I applaud you Man, for squandering this holy intelligence


Instead of severing our ties
To collective consciousness with lies,
Dive in, and immerse yourself,
Watch borders dissolve themselves
Ignorance will not be absolved,
It is now far too late to be self-resolved

One is one who becomes two to perceive three in order to transcend five
Ride this lateral spiral to the very end

Spiral out, and keep going
Reach up and out to reach in
Rediscover and unlearn
Find this awful truth again
Embrace it and find
That void is surrounded by life

In mere reflection of our spiral galaxy
A spiral of dust, centered and preceded
By a super massive pit of dense emptiness;
material and immaterial
Where would something be without nothing?

We must eat our moral decay, Our fungal growths
Which grow abundantly in colic displays along the coasts
In unison we watch the universe breath
Crucify the ego, so that we all may heal.
Know that this Ebb and Flow, this permanently repeating space
Occurring, connecting and growing at its rhythmic pace
is every being’s dominion,
Though the great equilateral Eye has left us all blind and lost within oblivion.
Beware, Beware The New World rises
Suffering delusions of Order, the New World rises.