Today I chose to be a writer

Tomorrow I think I'll Be a Fisherman

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Je suis FNORD Charlie

I watch as an awful beast stalks an unsuspecting place of being. Millennia of knowledge acquisition has made the beast a master of cunning and manipulation, it is still and unyielding in its psychological warfare against the people-beings. Dark and ancient, it has learned to mimic the illusions known to the people as freedom and democracy. It uses it’s knowledge of ancient Aramaic magik to call forth spirits and hexes which cause mass hysteria in the once semi peaceful realm of human being. Manipulating ideas, thoughts and events in order to reach its terrible goal, Zion reborn, Babylon restored.

Can you see the Fnords yet?


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Two pillars and the void

Yonder lie the pillars
The two which are one
One black as sin
One white as milk
Between is void
Beyond is source
Many a Mind has attempted
To break through in ecstasy
Alas behold as their consciousness
Teeter totters within the void
Never to regain its hold
On the solace of source.