Today I chose to be a writer

Tomorrow I think I'll Be a Fisherman

Two pillars and the void

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Yonder lie the pillars
The two which are one
One black as sin
One white as milk
Between is void
Beyond is source
Many a Mind has attempted
To break through in ecstasy
Alas behold as their consciousness
Teeter totters within the void
Never to regain its hold
On the solace of source.


Author: pisceanist

Hi, My name is Fouad, I was born in San Diego CA in 1986 and currently live in Hamburg, Germany. I love to read and play video games, and am a great fan of post-rock music and Tool. I am currently working my way to an MA in Creative writing and also teach English as a Second Language to get by. Have been writing for quite some time, and thought It was time I stopped hoarding my strange digressions and shared them with fellow writers and readers in order to get more honest feedback, Enjoy!

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