Today I chose to be a writer

Tomorrow I think I'll Be a Fisherman


The Cyclopean I

How blatant is the attack on the nucleus? The media fires merciless subliminal torpedoes at the fairer sex in an effort to defile the holy feminine and her womb.

Sex sells they say in the business. This is in fact the greatest excuse and justification for preying onto the Freudian self, our reptilian heritage.

Sexually Desensitized the modern human is displayed as having devolved to resemble the insatiable Bonobo monkey.

The resulting Destruction of the sanctity of nuclear family, caused by the victory of narcissism via the efforts of the media and their puppeteers, thrusts the focus onto the individual and its narcissistic growth.

This in effect, causes the wheels of capitalism to turn and creates a financial state of dependence between the individual and the financial system. The consequence is a shifting of power from the matriarchal household onto a patriarchal government figurehead.