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Unquining Qualia

Any quantification assumes that a given ontological entity is divisible, if in fact one were even to exist, but i think most of us tend to suspect that it exists, the divisibility issue is something I’d rather leave to quantum physicists.
Said quantification , as far as phenomenal experience goes, is completely immaterial and subjective. The phenomenal has no relation to objective reality, it is senseless to objectively define an ontological realm only cognitively  accessible to one observer.

The act of attempting to quantify or qualify a phenomenal experience and extrapolate some “data” (if you want to call it attribute data) still only frames this experience using lexical or numerical values- that was a fun ride, or that burger was a 7, this red is mahogany not bordeaux.  Our cultural and personal values make all these lexical terms of quality and quantity slightly differ from subject to subject and this is already a red flag for attempting to objectively study phenomenal experience (example: a 7/10 might be very good in someone’s eyes if they are a hard grader, good might be a polite way to say awful). This does not mean that the phenomenal experience itself is immaterial and non-existent as some so-called “philosophers” wish it to be simply because it muddles up their view of reality, but rather that attempting to study it using logic and reason is not a valid approach. Sometimes, intuition and empathy can lead to truth! Darth Vader says: “search your feelings, you know it to be true”, and i think if I asked whether or not you were conscious and sentient, intuition would scream yes, this is true, I am!
A phenomenal experience such as the qualia of consciousness (the what it’s like to be conscious as perceived by an introspective observer) cannot be defined per se, any attempt to do so results in an effect similar to the observer effect. The experience decays into abstraction much like a particle will interfere with itself and appear as a wave.

Could it be that the material and the phenomenal are reflections of the same process? Abstraction becoming conscious of itself then collapsing into a single form subject to a sentient observation?



The Great Demise of Objectivity


What a brilliant talk, I have to say that in terms of philosophy this applies to a great extent. This obsession with devaluing the phenomenal, the subjective and an entire aspect of the pathos, logos, and ethos trinity has unavoidably led to this question.

Does this infatuation with the material and mechanical inhibit our general advancement in terms of philosophy, medicine, science and general personal and cultural evolution?

I think so. It is time for another enlightenment era, one that moves us far away from the industrial revolution and technological rut we are presently in.