Today I chose to be a writer

Tomorrow I think I'll Be a Fisherman

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A Bright blue event horizon sweeps me away

Deep Into Nox I fall

Through The Multiverse I travel, inspired

Oh… The Burning bright stars that unravel

Naked desire blooms before me unbound




Lux my love is all that I can see

A soul so vibrant, the shadow it casts is a magnificent microcosm of any a fleeting moment.

A shade unexplored, yet, oh so familiar, beckons me to adore

Who are you beloved?

Shy not away from me in angst or amour, in passion or dispassion, in all your being or non being.

For to behold YOU is a gift I will never discard.

To stand before you as vulnerable as ever, in body and spirit I will not falter, you are true and so must I be too.

Oh beloved if only you knew

The way Eye see you


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Deep in a Levantine valley, by the shores of the Dog river.

A heavy sigh.

There where the poppies bloom, and the cherubs leap; there lays Adonis impaled and bereaved.

Oh how bitter his tears must be.

A blood curdling cry.

This livid tusked-beast has appeared and appeared, in each instance of being, to tear it all asunder.

Persephone begs the gods to spare him, for she could not live with out him. For her sake, revive him.

But the beast is always present there where the self is omnipresent.

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The Navigator

Rudderless they traveled

On mountaintops they gathered

Sought and swayed, along they swung

Unbeknownst, at her mercy they hung.


Serpentine shadows slither and wry

Seraphic spies sing of their light

Though Eris O discord you are the prettiest

Ti kallisi you called and tore asunder their plight


Upon this blunder, chaos unleashed

Alone you stood, your fury appeased

Before you, a spiraling mass of no-thing leered

among this maelstrom, naught was queen.


But fear you not for One has appeared


Inspired by genius the djinn has desired

To act as a vessel for being to thrive

A navigator has risen and taken up the fight

To push through your waters, a bright flame alights


Veritably chaotic your waters do flow

And through them to Will is the way

Inspired and lucid, a pinnacle aspires

A reflection of you, inverted but true.


Pine not O Eris, for One is ablaze
From naught came one, the Navigator inspires

A brilliance so astral, the spirit awakes

To learn your movements

step and sway

To spin and turn to your rhythm

ebb and flow

To lavish your beauty



In societies they gathered

While forward they plunged

to emulate their forefathers

her name they expunged


Spires so tall, rise fiery and bright

Tremendous endeavors of glory and might

Serpentine shadows slither and wry

Ti kallisi you call and render them slight


All falls and crumbles when she sings and humbles

inherent destruction is never a slight

when Discord O Eris is left to her sleight

Behold her elation; a glorious sight

A rebirth is neigh, the Navigator inspires.


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Jack in the box

Shaded black and white, and enveloped in old news paper.
Forgotten but not ignored it lay awaiting the beholder.
Once beheld its shaded nature began to deepen and brighten, a myriad of colors and hues escape into the ether, enlightening all which it surrounds.


The Gift

This realm is but a field of knowledge, and we its fruiting bodies.
Torn open, this field of knowledge reveals
a great expanse wherein a turbulent river of pure consciousness flows;
rushing by in torrents of ideas, magic, and divinity,
maelstroms spray mercurial droplets onto ethereal banks in a thin mist.
Deep in its flowing pattern ancient shapes and archaic runes appear, resonating with Intention.
Deep from its spiraling waters rise tendrils of benefaction
that reach into the mind of Being, to provide
the essential spirit of awareness.

To think and reflect, absorb and create. We paint it all with our eyes!
Each Being and seraphic Form a part of the celestial process.
To communicate is a such a gift, to reach into that flow and gather a bit of knowledge,
focus it in the mind and then release it through the mouth.
It calls to me, this field of knowledge-this flow of ideas, like a mythical siren, it calls to me.
To See and experience it, to drown in it…
A warm voice exclaims a dire warning from a distance:

Beware for I am Old and Treacherous, Within there is no logical path and you WILL get lost.

Will i think to myself, as I rush into the chimerical rabbit-hole, Will is all we’ve got.


We See Far

In the azure early morning, a point of light appeared and the world began to transform before our eyes.

Buildings stretched and seemed to come alive; fiery and gold. The air filled with an orange glow, deep blues and reds rip through the chasm of night and a fluid ring of fire appears on the horizon.

Transfixed we stare, as an event horizon unfolds before us and we are suddenly caught in an infinite moment that extends to an ever shimmering point in cascading colors and divine fractal misalignment.

In that moment I swirl inwards towards it, a loony smile on my five faces, and my fifteen eyes fiery and mad with love.