Today I chose to be a writer

Tomorrow I think I'll Be a Fisherman

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Deep in a Levantine valley, by the shores of the Dog river.

A heavy sigh.

There where the poppies bloom, and the cherubs leap; there lays Adonis impaled and bereaved.

Oh how bitter his tears must be.

A blood curdling cry.

This livid tusked-beast has appeared and appeared, in each instance of being, to tear it all asunder.

Persephone begs the gods to spare him, for she could not live with out him. For her sake, revive him.

But the beast is always present there where the self is omnipresent.



Glass prison 101

A glass prison is a very peculiar thing to be trapped in, escape is as simple as a hard push in the right direction. Though the risk of being eviscerated by a shard of murderous glass is too high to chance attempting it. The only logical escape, is finding a diamond within and cutting through…
But where does one start looking?